“Thai Lanna” the Identity of Thai to World Class Stage

Traditionally when you think of Western-style spas you think of Swedish Massage, Finland Sauna, Aroma Massage, Bali Spa, and Egyptian Milk Bathing.

The Ministry of Public Health in Chiang Mai realized that Thailand had something unique to offer to the spa industry world. Because of this, they held the “Thai Lanna Spa Identity Contest” to introduce Thai spas and massage to the world!

The Ministry of Health had very high public standards for the contest, and in the end Ms. Chawanan, the President of Thai Spa Association, was picked as the winner with her “Yam Khang Therapy”. The Ministry felt that her therapy “promoted the real identity of Thai Lanna Spa through its unique sensations.” Her unique style of Thai Lanna Spa is now widely known around the world!

Another outcome of the contest was the revitalization of the Lanna Medication Therapy as a whole in Thailand. Ms. Chawanan’s sensational style became known as the standard of Lanna Therapy across Thailand. This led to the Thai people focusing more on this traditional therapy to maintain their cultural heritage, and leave a lasting impression that will be a part of the Thai community, and passed down for generations as an alternative medication.

Traditional Lanna also has a deep-rooted cultural aspect which features a unique outfit worn by the masseuse, and interior and outdoor decorations supported by professional artists such as lacquer and silver craftsman, and embroidery experts. Additionally Thai Lanna massage features its own centuries-old musical style that is well-known amongst the Thai community.

Traditional Thai Lanna massage goes much deeper than just culture, music, and the massage itself; it also features a rich aroma of traditional herbs from the North of Thailand that fill the room as you relax. Chiang Mai University supports research of aroma-inducing herbs such as the Chinese Rice flower and Wan Sao Long for the spas around Chiang Mai.

Thai Lanna spas also regard taste as an important part of the spa experience. Local farms grow seasonal fruits and vegetables with very high nutrients that spas can use in their skincare treatments. This not only helps the overall spa experience, but it also helps the local farmers make a living.

Going to a traditional Thai Lanna spa is an absolute must for anyone visiting the city of Chiang Mai that wants to relax, enjoy a deep-rooted cultural experience, and keep your body in balance through the miraculous sensations of traditional Thai Lanna therapy.