The Prestige of Lanna Traditional Medical Profession

According to Southeast Asian Settlements in the archaeological evidences, it is believed that the first group of people came to northern region of Thailand since 30,000 years ago as the historian found the 13,000 aged-skeleton and 80 archaeological parks in Mae Hong Son as well as at Op-Luang national park in Chiang Mai, where the historians have found the bronze age skeleton that might be from 2,500-3,500 BC. In addition, the 500,000 aged-skeleton of the Homo Erectus was found in Lampang and was named after its placed “Koh Kaa Human”. The most interesting part of historical evidence of Metal Age in Baan Wang Hai, Lamphun, where the historians mentioned about the usage of iron tools and bronze ornaments along with other stone tools, represents the succession that has finally been passed down from generation to Hariphunchai era. The therapy is the folk wisdom that firstly arrived with the different culture, which was from the visiting of other countries, as the practical experiments that were integrated with the various technics and finally became Lanna Medical Profession that help a lot of people in all treatment.

In the present time, the people that suffered from the genital disease and the side effect of each medication is looking for the new treatment as told by the World Health Organization as to support the traditional medication strategy.

Traditional Medication Strategy of World Health Organization is divided into 3 aspects including:

  1. To educate people to be able to integrate the Traditional Medication with the Additional Medication.
  2. To ensure the safety, the using quantity, and the effectiveness.
  3. To support Universal Health Coverage with the integration. World Health Organization has now divided health definitions into 4 parts: the physical health, the mental health, the social health, and the spiritual health.

As mentioned above, we are so proud of Lanna Traditional Medical Profession that can cover all 4 health definitions from World Health Organization.

“Lanna Therapy Style always came with the traditional rite” Insom Sittiton, the local therapist of the year 2014, said about Lanna medical profession with the supporting detail that the rite, believe, and religion has the important part of any therapy since it can encourage the patient a lot such as the Buddhist monk chanting or Baci ceremony before the exact therapy like the special massage called “Kwak Sui” will be made for the person patient that has the health issue on his/her bone. As above-mentioned, the doctor will be able to get close to the patients so they can be more optimistic toward the therapy that is not expensive as the conventional medication. This therapy become more popular among Lanna people once it was support by the government section especially the Ministry of Public Health that stimulates this traditional therapy to be used in the hospital and spa. The stimulation of Lanna Medical Therapy in the spa finally became the beneficial project towards everyone once it got increase the value and be made practically use in the spa industry broadly, and be renowned among the people worldwide as it is so unique and honorable in the present time.

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