“Ched Haek Therapy” the Real Lanna-Style Medical Therapy

Ched Haek Therapy is the treatment done by Lanna locals that start with rubbing “Ched” then breaking “Haek”. “Ched Haek” are 2 words that were derived from “Taek” (Lanna Language) that means to rub on the patient with the leaf before using a horn, bone, boar’s fang, or holy knife.

According to “Ched” or “Rubbing”, the therapists will cut the top of betel leaf (Bai Plu) before chanting for its miracle as well as using holy water. Scientists can now prove that the chanting in Lanna remedy can absolutely heal the people as they do research on “Hado”, a holy water that was created by a Japanese scientist named “Dr. Masaru Imoto by taking a photo of its crystal, and found that the crystal is more clear and beautiful with chanting more than without. Because of this, it is believed that the healing always comes along with the traditional rite. After that the therapist will ask the patient to make a wish by holding Phlai leaf and make a wish with the holy water before cutting into the holy water bowl. The therapist will then predict how long the treatment will be taken based on this reading. The “Ched” is the way the therapists will chant and rub on the patient body to heal damage from the poison animal and insect, the superstitious, and the black magic. Mr. Insom, the Lanna Therapist, talked about his experience that one of his patient experiencing pain in the right ankle and he cannot be healed by the modern medication. This patient finally turned to “Ched Haek Therapy” or called “Taek Therapy” and be completely healed after 6 days!

In practical way with “Haek”, the therapist will use the holy tool, which made of either the horn, wild buffalo bone, boar’s fang, stone or metal knife to put into the holy water while he will chant the mantra “Om Hoo Roo Hoo Roo Sa Wa Hai” with rubbing it on the patient’s skin like Gua-Sa Therapy.

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