“Toksen (Tapping Line Therapy)” the Miracle Lanna Folk Wisdom of Relaxing

The researcher from Medicine Department, Chiang Mai defined in Lannakadee website about the Toksen (Tapping Line or Hammer Massage Therapy) that it can be regarded as the most effective healing to people anatomy once he found this type of therapy can take the bulls by the horns and immediately affect to human lines.

Toksen is the therapy that has to use the chisel-shaped wooden tool and the hammer pounding gently on the line between each muscle with using of the therapist’s special profession. The wood will be hammered to arouse the line, which is the cause of abdominal sore, like having electric shock that can heal the sore immediately.

The heart of Toksen is the blessing, which is believed that it will bring the positive energy to the therapist and patients, along the remedy. According to Mr. Insom Sithiton, the therapist of the year 2014, there are 2 mantra incantation depend on the number of steps; “Na-Mo-Put-Tha-Ya” for 5 steps hammering and “Aa Wa Aa Ie Ja Au” for 6 steps hammering, that the therapist should practically follow strictly.

Even the tapping line or hammer massage will be most effective therapy and is famously used in the hospital and spa industry at this moment, but the patient should not forget to check if the therapists have the permission license guaranteed by the Ministry of Health Public.

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