Wat Tam Doi Tohn

Wat Tam Doi Tohn

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Wat Tam Doi Tohn

WAT TAM DOI TOHN: From the north, you can see the high cliffs of the Doi Tohn Range. At the bottom of the cliff is a large cave used for meditation while up on the hill top is a pagoda housing Buddha relics. The mountain range gradually slopes down in eastern and southerly directions. To the west, you can see a terraced rice field. A short walk across the field brings you to the point where The Mae Wang and Mae Sapok rivers converge

Aim: To be a center of Dhamma Practice and study for Thai and international meditators.

Contact :

128 Moo 5,
Baan Mae Sapok,
Mae Win, Mae Wang,
Chiang Mai 50360,

Province: Chiang Mai
Country: Thailand
E-Mail: doitcmm@yahoo.com
Call :+6653268511
Website: www.vimuttidhamma.org

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