Chiida Spa

Exotic Touch of Thai Spa Rejuvenate Experience

CHIIDA SPA provide know how of Truly Thai spa and present SPA “GOLD” Thai Spa world class standard of natural ecologically responsible luxury with elegance THAI LANNA Style”. The CHIIDA SPA, designed to rebalance the nature and wellness to pamper you with CHIIDA’s signature Massage style blend with Far East Asian therapies. Also, we provides Ayuravedic and Traditional Thai Lanna therapies to complete the healing spa and promote your healthy well-being with natural products ingredients in organic aware.

Sukantara Resort lies on the sloping bank of a mountain stream in the verdant Chiangmai highland. Mountain water cascades over boulders in the stream, creating tiered waterfalls right below the Lanna-Balinese-style guest cottages, which are surrounded by breathtaking landscape. Also, here you can experience the touch of Asian therapy and other unique signatures at Chiida spa where will pamper you at the moment living with us.


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